How to install awscli >1.11.138 so I can use `aws ecr get-login`



I am testing an app that lets a user deploy to an a repo on AWS and it involves using aws ecr get-login. However, this sequence of commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y python-pip python-dev
sudo pip install awscli
aws --version

gives aws-cli/1.4.2 Python/3.4.2 Linux/4.4.0-116-generic and with that version, there are no aws ecr commands.

How can I accomplish this? To be clear, this is meant to test some user’s ability to upload to the repo (so I have setup_remote_docker in the yaml).


Do you mean that those commands were added in a version later than the one you have installed, or were added in an earlier version and have since been removed? What version of awscli would give you what you want?


I’m using a node docker image that doesn’t have the awscli installed. Only versions of awscli after 1.9 have that command, and I need 1.11+ to do my aws ecr get-login cmand properly. Why is it installing 1.4 with those commands?


I’m barely familiar with Pip, but specifying version numbers explicitly has worked for me when installing DC:

apk --update add 'py-pip==9.0.0-r1'
pip install 'docker-compose==1.13.0'

Admittedly this is on Alpine and not Ubuntu, but I imagine it would work the same. Try adding a version number to your awscli first, and if that does not work, maybe add one to python-pip as well.


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