How to edit Config file online without creating new branch?


quick question. I have now “We’re creating a new branch” every time i want to edit circleci config file. Is there a way to disable it? Cause now i have to jump to bitbucket every time i want to add or change things in circleci config file. Otherwise its creating circle-cixxxxx branch.

thank you.

Hi @mojitocup,

Thank you for your question!

Currently it is not possible to change the branch when using the online config editor as it appears to be hard-coded when the API request is made. I believe this is done to accidentally prevent making changes to your default branch, and messing with your git history.

I do agree that being able to intentionally set the branch name would be a good feature, and I have created a feature request for which you can view here:

Please feel free to add any additional comments.

Thank you!

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