How does one do macOS builds in Circle 2.0?


Is there an executorType for macOS? Or am I supposed to use one of the Docker iOS images?

Can one do MacOS builds in CircleCI 2.0?

There currently is not an executorType for macOS. A macOS executor is possible, but this is not our priority for now.

You won’t be able to find Docker images that run XCode. Docker is primarily Linux-based. You can run Docker on other platforms like OS X and Windows, but the environment inside a docker container is Linux. XCode is an IDE written in Cocoa, which is the API for OS X and macOS. Thus the two are incompatible.



This post is 283 days old, but I’m updating it since it still appears high on Google.

A macOS executor is now available on CircleCI 2.0. You can get started with the macOS 2.0 docs.