How can I use a Circle API token across multiple repos?




My scenario is that I want to use a build artifact generated by one project’s Circle job in the Circle job of another.

I realize this can be done through the API GET route for artifacts, but each GET call requires a token that is unique to the user/repo that generated the artifact. The issue is that I want to be able to use the artifacts generated by the Circle job from any of the forks of the original project programmatically, and without generating / using a different API token for each fork.

Is there a way to have a global token / master token kind of thing that can be used to access build artifacts from all CircleCI jobs belonging to the same organization (including jobs triggered by people who work for the same org)?

If not, is there other ways to solve this scenario?



I just realized that you can make an account level API token which I believe works well for my purposes.