HipChat Notification Fails



I’m attempting to configure a Chat Notification in HipChat. After accessing the Chatroom Integrations page I’m prompted for two values:

  • Room
  • API

With instructions to obtain a “notification” token and a link to perform this task.

I expect to click the link, create a token, and match the prompts with information I’m given by the HipChat site.

Problem 1: I click the link, login, and receive an error that I’m not an administrator. Probably because I’m only the administrator of certain rooms and not a group administrator, so maybe the link should be to the room list where I can choose the correct room to get a token for, then choose the Tokens link? (Or maybe the account API access link? But I’d prefer to limit permissions to the room)
Problem 2: I create a token with the “Send Notification” scope (CircleCI does not indicate the required scopes). Now I’m ready to paste some values, but none of the values match what CircleCI asks for. I just created a Token but CircleCI wants “Room” or “API” with no further explanation.

  • Is Room the name or the ID? Some help text on the field beyond ‘Please fill in this field’ would be helpful. Attempting Room=room name and API=Token fails with

Error: Hook failed. If we can help, contact us.

  • After locating the HipChat Room ID and attempting Room=roomID and API=Token fails with the same message.

  • After researching the HipChat API I see that the scope is correct and the roomID should work, but the name would need to be URL encoded. Trying URL Encoded room name (my room name has a space) fails with the same message.

  • After researching the Authentication methods for the HipChat API and types of API Tokens, they supply a different link to create User Generated Tokens. I create another token with the “Send Notification” scope and try this as API with the RoomID and URL Encoded Room Name. Still the same failure and message.

  • So the Room Notification Token does not work for CircleCI (works for other CI systems), and the Account Token for API access also fails.

Is HipChat notification functionality only available with the deprecated API version 1?


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