Hide Syntax errors from Dashboard

We don’t have a way to test the syntax of our .circleci/config.yml files before we commit to GitHub, so inevitably we do generate the odd YAML syntax error, which shows up in the Dashboard in an unfortunately glaring manner, for example:

Now, no doubt our internal processes could be improved, but what would really help us would be an option to hide these lines from view, so we can deal with the errors and then get back to a nicely formatted list of pipelines and workflows.

The web GUI has what is best called a quirk that can help.

You can hide such entries when viewing the pipeline reports by changing the filter list so that ‘All’ is not selected. The quickest way to do this is to deselect any of the status options shown. This selection is not retained between sessions, but it can help if a lot of yaml debugging is taking place.

The reason why this works seems to be that any pipeline that fails with a yaml error is not given a status code. So such entries are shown when the filter is set to all, but are not shown when selection is done by using a filter that queries by status.

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Thanks, that works great, and is really useful.

It would still be optimal to be able to hide the syntax errors in a persistent way, and so that each engineer wouldn’t have to update the filter themselves. I hope that this feature could be considered.

I would say that really

  • Such entries are assigned a true status value, such as ‘yaml error’
  • The filter is updated to allow filtering on the new status value
  • The filter settings become sticky in some way between sessions.

(note - I’m just an outsider so I have as much sway over the developer’s focus as everyone else).

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