Heroku deploy (config part) times out

I am seing errors deploying to Heroku – even for builds that worked 1 week ago :frowning:

Setting BUILD_NUMBER, BRANCH, ENV and restarting ⬢ MyApp… !
▸ “port” option should be >= 0 and < 65536: null

the build was canceled"

this config works fine if I run it locally and it was working through Circle as of 1 week ago :frowning:

I finally figured out what happened with assistance from circleCI team.

The problem relates to the HTTP_PROXY environment , but as a side effect,

I am not using HTTP_PROXY for heroku cli but as an parameter to inject into my heroku container,

it turns out I can not use the HTTP_PROXY as a name for that environment variable since the heroku cli picks it up and attempts to use it
(I did not realise that since I am not using a firewall at work)

Basically I need to use MY_HTTP_PROXY as a name for the environment variable :slight_smile:

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