Good practices regarding monorepo / multi-services



We have a single repo on bitbucket with multiple services in it, most of them dockerized.
We need to run tests in each of these containers. If I understood the beta 2.0 correctly, we should use executorType: machine instead of executorType: docker, to be able to run tests commands in multiple containers ?

As a side note, building these images took a lot of time before, we didn’t succeed in caching the docker layers. It is suggested in the documentation that using executorType: machine will fix this.

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I would also be interested on how to execute tests in V2. Is it just like in V1? Does the docker process need to fail? Or does circle ci take the test results (from the test-result.xml) into account now?

Because in V1 the test reports could say that some tests failed but the build would still succeed.


Using executorType: docker with Docker images is only for building them, not running them. If you need to run them, I recommend using executorType: machine. Layer caching is not yet implemented, but it’s a high priority for us.