Give access to containers other than the primary container


This is a key feature that is preventing me from switching to 2.0.

A use case for this feature is when a DB container is set as the second container and you need to copy and run an initializer script (Creating SQL users, databases, etc) on the DB container.

The reason for the initializer script is so that different projects with different DB requirements can use the same DB container with different scripts and not multiple custom containers and also not to waste time building custom containers.

The setup_remote_docker allows me to do all the setup steps but since I cannot use a remote docker as a DB test server it is kind of useless.

The secondary image option allows me to uses it as a DB test server but does not allow me to run the setup steps.

In Circle CI 1.0 you had the functionality of both options by simply enabiling the docker services. Why is this not the case in 2.0?


What about during the build step you cache the persisted DB data and then restore it for those jobs that need it?