Github integration not showing success



My tests passed and build successfully but one of the Github build check is not showing a green circle.
Github PR page:


I created a bug ticket internally for this. Thank you!


We just pushed an update where the stage is included in the GitHub status. It will show ci/circleci: build now instead of just ci/circleci.


If anyone is seeing a GitHub status like this:

Go to Settings -> Branches, edit the branch the PR is merging into, and uncheck the ci/circleci status as a required check


It is fixed yesterday but the problem seems to be showing again today.
Look at the top 2 commits


Yes this is causing our team problems as some PR’s are blocked because it’s saying ci/circleci and others show it as ci/circleci: build


Have you tried @JoeEnnever’s solution?


I’m also seeing the half green, half yellow status circle now, though it doesn’t block the merge with the config change.


On old builds or new builds?


New builds


We just reverted all changes and this should be fully resolved. Do you still see any inconsistencies?


Looks good after I switched back the settings I mentioned above.


Yes but it keeps switching between the 2 “tags” so as Admin on GitHub I have to keep checking and unchecking the one that’s not sent. I will revert in line and see what happens on the next PR.


This is happening again to me as I describe in this issue: Github PR overall status check not reporting with workflows

@JoeEnnever’s hack of course works, so thanks for that, it’s a nice hotfix, but this should of course receive a real fix right?