GitHub Checks, directly view a Workflow's job status

I have a question about GitHub checks and Workflow integrations. Specifically, I was wondering if it is possible to view the status of jobs inside of a workflow without drilling down into GitHub’s checks UI.

For example on the GitHub pull request page:

The workflow above is made up of several jobs however from this view we can only see the overall status of the complete workflow. To view each job individually you need to click into Details and navigate through GitHub’s UI.

This is in contract with the Facebook React GitHub repository.

From what I can tell from Facebook’s config they are somehow publishing individual job statuses even though the config yaml seems to be very similar to mine.

Does anyone have any insights into how I could enable this feature or what I may be missing here?

Hi @francis,

When you enable GitHub Checks, it automatically disables GitHub Status Updates feature, and your project stops receiving job level status.

If you wish to also receive job level status, you’ll need to re-enable GitHub Status Updates (under Project Settings > Advanced Settings), after enabling GitHub Checks.

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