Git Submodules with Circle CI 2


I’m trying to use private git submodules on Circle 2.0, but I keep getting this:

$ git submodule sync && git submodule update --init
Submodule 'devops/ci' ([my repo].git) registered for path 'devops/ci'
Cloning into 'devops/ci'...
Username for '': fatal: could not read Username for '': No such file or directory
Clone of '[my repo].git' into submodule path 'devops/ci' failed
Exited with code 1

I’ve added a user key instead of a repo key, and I followed the instructions in the 1.0 to 2.0 migration guide. How do I get my submodule to clone?


It looks like you’re being prompted for a username - maybe you just need the following:

git config --global "your@email"
git config --global "username"