Git clone issues on Ubuntu 14.04


When switching from my 12.02 build version to the 14.04 build, there appears to be differences in the way git works. In the 12.02 version the following Pre-Dependency would let me check out my private repository:

git clone ~/environment

But in 14.04 without any changes it’s coming up with the following error:

ubuntu@box5:~$ git clone ~/environment
Cloning into '/home/ubuntu/environment'...
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ''

It does look like my SSH user key is being added to the build, and I’m able to SSH into the build. The error also appears when running directly from SSH.

Any ideas what may have changed? I’d assume my git syntax is now missing something required in 14.04?


I am getting this same issue as well. Changing back to 12.02 fixes it and changing back to 14.04 breaks it again.