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I used this sample example to build an elixir project but it fail in the first step to create the working dir
set -e && mkdir -p ~/.ssh && echo ' ssh-rsa blxlclca ssh-rsa vsdvsdv ' >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts && (umask 077; touch ~/.ssh/id_rsa) && chmod 0600 ~/.ssh/id_rsa && (cat <<EOF > ~/.ssh/id_rsa $CHECKOUT_KEY EOF ) && mkdir -p /home/ubuntu/bla && cd /home/ubuntu/bla && git clone $CIRCLE_REPOSITORY_URL . && git fetch --force origin e2e_tests:remotes/origin/e2e_tests && git reset --hard $CIRCLE_SHA1 && git checkout -q -B $CIRCLE_BRANCH && git reset --hard $CIRCLE_SHA1
/bin/sh: 1: mkdir: not found Exited with code 127
any advise?

/bin/sh: mkdir: command not found

Another question: :slight_smile:
my build also need run this step:

- type: shell shell: /bin/bash --login command: npm install

but I got an error saying the npm is not installed, what is the best approach? install the npm before or get an image with elixir/npm together? (if the image is better do you have one example? )

thanks again!


@cpanato See if Creating Working Directory helps you with your initial issue.

As for your second issue, I actually recommend using an Ubuntu base and installing whatever packages you may need directly as I described here.


@DavidAntaramian thanks so much!! I will try that