Getting error when running CLI under WSL Ubuntu



I’m trying to get the CircleCI CLI tool working on Ubuntu WSL on Windows 10. It appeared to install successfully – and the file permissions appear to be correct. I have Docker for Windows installed and running, and the linux Docker client works without issue.

But now it always errors when trying to validate a CircleCI config file.

I have tried:
circleci config validate -c .circleci/config.yml
circleci config validate
from the root of my repo.

But each time, it gives the error:
Error: open .circleci/config.yml: no such file or directory

Has anyone been able to get this work? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated?


This error occurs even with fully-qualified paths:

$ circleci config validate -c /home/rtm/repos/nims/.circleci/config.yml
Error: open /home/rtm/repos/nims/.circleci/config.yml: no such file or directory


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