Get the full log for all of my tests for single commit


I want to run my tests, but I want to save some trace information. For example, I want to add trace call to my ruby app, so it will log every method execution time plus some additional information (example: The thing is that I need to save this output somewhere. When I my tests in terminal emulator, I can just “grep” for the magic string. Is there any way to do save logs to some central storage (or are they saved already) so I can grep it?


If I’m understanding you correctly, you should be able to save your test output as an artifact to give you what you’re looking for. I’m not familiar with Ruby, but in Java (using a Surefire test runner,) it would look something like this:

- store_artifacts:
    path: /home/circleci/project/app/target/surefire-reports

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