Get branch status with status-only scoped API token




I’m currently working with the CircleCI API for

To get a badge for build status on CircleCI, it currently calls the API with something along the lines of /api/v1.1/project/github/<org>/<project>/tree/master?circle-token=<user_token>&filter=completed&limit=1.
However, due to it query-ing the whole build informations for the latest build (limit=1), it’s not able to take advantage of the “status-only” scope that currently exists for API tokens.

Note : I know that there already are badges provided out of the box by CircleCI, but would prefer to use the ones from for customizability reasons.

Talking about these badges provided by CircleCI, they are indeed able to use these “status-only” scope tokens, but it doesn’t look like any API exposed endpoint is able to take profit of this limited scope.

Did I miss something here ? If not, could I request the addition of an API endpoint returning the status of a branch, which would be allowed to be called with a status-only scoped token ?

For reference, here is the issue on I’m striving to solve with this feature request :

PS : would have loved to add more links for supplementary informations, but new users are limited to 2 :frowning:

Feel free to point me to anything I might have missed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time


So what do you people think about this? Did I miss something? Does this request makes sense?


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