Frozen setup_remote_docker step



Our builds were reporting pipe2: too many open files errors earlier, so I SSH’d into a build to investigate. I reproduced the error, but after a few commands all docker commands locked up. Now whenever the docker engine VM with id prealloc-ffzgc5rd-c13e1d09-7027-4699-8a26-7c4351052341 gets allocated to our build, it never finishes starting up. If that engine is not used, it starts up fine. I do not see a way to force a new docker engine VM to start, nor does “build without cache” appear to circumvent the problem. Any ideas? This is blocking many of our builds, including staging and production.

Also, on builds that aren’t freezing, they still fail with this message:

Sending build context to Docker daemon  132.1kB

Error response from daemon: Untar error on re-exec cmd: pipe2: too many open files
Exited with code 1

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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