Free Account Build Minutes


I’m currently running with the free account and I’m wondering if there’s someplace to see how many build minutes I’ve used so far.

Tacking on to that, if a teammate and I follow the same build do we both spend build minutes for each build or only the person who signed up first?



I am also trying to find the number of minutes used.


Me too! Any clue?


Same here! Would be great if one of the staff could answer this…


We would love to know this information as well +1


Add another person to the list that would like to be able to see this.


+1 would also like to see an ability to see build minutes for the month


Hey all,

Happy to answer and sorry it took so long!

From time to time, we look at the logs and send emails to organizations that do not have paid plans and whose aggregate builds are more than 1,500 minutes in a given month. To date, we haven’t had the need (or desire) to shut anyone down for going over. Most folks either upgrade or realize that they unintentionally left a webhook running on a project that builds constantly (which uses AWS resources that we still incur costs against!)

As an organization, CircleCI cares that users get value out of their CI system. If you are getting value and using us for work that matters to you, hopefully you’ll consider our paid options (you will get more containers for concurrency AND parallelism, you’ll get engineer support, and features like Insights!).

Finally - we do have plans to show linux minutes in-app in the future but it’s not on the current quarter’s roadmap.