Formatted Slack message after successful build

We are using CircleCI for our Android builds and after each successful build our company employee are being notified by using Slack.

The idea is that they will be able to download the generated APK and play with before we are continuing to the next stage. Although the currently Slack message contains a link to the current build AND from there we can go to the artifacts it will be much easier if the message will contains a link directly to the APK.

I think it will be awesome if it will be possible to format the whole message with parameters from the build, like the link to the APK.


That’s not possible out of the box, but you could issue your own Slack API call with curl at the end of the successful build—this will allow you to customise the content of the message to your liking. Would that be an option?

This would be AWESOME but if we just do our own curl request then we’d end up with two notifications in the Slack channel… It would be nice if we could have an option in circle.yml to set a message and customise the message per-build with an environment variable?

    branch: master
      - ./scripts/production/
    message: "Successfully deployed version $P_DEPLOY_VERSION to the live environment! :simple_smile:"

Where has set the $P_DEPLOY_VERSION environment variable, I guess…

(Pattern-matching that the message contains \$([A-Z_]+) to find environment variables?)


I agree, this would be very very helpful. We do have per branch staging URLs and I would like to link to he deployment URL after a build was successful.