Forcing a workflow job to success state



I have a typographical error in the 59th job of a workflow containing 60 serially dependent jobs, each taking a minute. Currently I fix the error and repush to git. This launches a new workflow and I must now wait another hour to see the fruits of my labor.

Suppose I have a way outside of circleci to effect what the typo’ed job wanted to accomplish. Then I could flag the typo’ed job as having succeeded, and have circleci complete the existing workflow. What sweet release! Possible? I understand if the 60th job needs the 59th job to wiggle a workspace, that could be an issue.

Edit: I see this has been request two months ago.


In the Workflow tab, on each workflow item, there’s a feature called “Re-run failed jobs” in the Re-run dropdown menu. Would that do it?


I believe I’ve tried that and it reruns the typographical error?


Ah, I see, you want to run the 60th job without the (failed) 59th job? I don’t know about that.

Is there any way you can get your jobs to not be parallel? If they are tests, they should set up and tear down their own state, so they are parallelisable.


My jobs rely on a circleci workspace which implies serial dependence.


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