Force start a branch build on 2.0


We’re using circleci config version 2, and it runs fine locally. However, we are still in the evaluation stage, so we are keeping master clean - that is, the config file is only on a branch.

We’ve set up the main repo, but since it has no config file on master, CircleCI has assumed it is version 1. Further, it is ignoring any pushes to any branches (including the one that has the version 2 config on it).

Can I:

  1. Force a project to be version 2
  2. Force a build of a branch where the config is



OK, it seems to be intermittent.

Some branches are being built and some are not. Some don’t have the config file on them and are assumed to be 1.0, some do, and are correctly being picked up as 2.0. Some have PRs open, some do not.

It looks like circleci isn’t processing about 2/3rds of commit webhooks. I can see them being delivered successfully by github, and getting a 200.

There are open PRs, with commits added and new commits being pushed, with the correct config, with webhooks being sent, and received, that are not triggering builds.

I’ve tried following and unfollowing as suggested in some posts. It doesn’t appear to help.

What is the next step?



@hlascelles if you are doing anything with workflows, check to make sure your jobs aren’t dying before a workflow can start a job. A YAML parse error, for example, will prevent the workflow from build correctly and won’t execute any jobs. The workflow (found on the left nav, under builds) will turn yellow and say something like “needs setup.”

I spent several hours pushing tweaks and testing webhooks before I found that button, hopefully this will save someone some time.


That may well have something to do with it, thank you Rob. We do have a non-trivial workflow.

It’s a shame it fails completely silently. I tried the CLI to test the configuration locally, and it passes. I know workflow execution is not supported locally, but it is unclear if the workflow config is tested. A simple “run the build as this version on this branch” button would clear everything up.

We’re looking at Travis now instead, will revisit later and report back if we find a real answer.


Just to answer question 2, I usually use CircleCI’s API for this, with Postman.

The API documentation is here:

The section specifically about triggering a new build is here:

Here’s a template URL to POST to:

Hope this helps.


@dalefrancum-ncino Fantastic, that is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much! It would be great if this was in the GUI, but this will do for now, cheers.


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