Feature request threads: Please click the heart to vote on them!


We love to hear from you, and we want to dedicate the most effort to where it will be most effective. Part of doing that is knowing what new features are highest in demand.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to aggregate this information with “me too” replies to feature requests. Your voice will be much better heard if you cast your vote in the place we’re looking (the number of likes).

Thanks for participating in this community!


Agree 100%, I am not sure what the best way to communicate this is though :frowning:

As we learned form GitHub “reactions” a lot of people will still continue to +1.

Why does this matter?

Every month we (the CircleCI product team) run a report and take a look at the top feature requests. We use this information to determine priorities of various features. If you have a feature request with 2 “likes” and 100 +1’s it will be at the bottom of the list.

I try to go in and remind everyone to click on the heart when I see a lot of +1 posts, if you are the requester of a feature I would encourage you to do the same.

We want to build the most popular feature requests, but we need some help figuring out what those are and I would hate to see features that are actually super popular appear to be ignored due to a low like count.



Yep, I pinned this (or I thought I did), to reduce +1 posts. Maybe we could turn on admin filtering as well for replies on feature requests.