Feature: Container Versioning



As a person interested in having the most stable builds possible, I would like to control the contents of the build container more than I currently can.

Acceptance Criterion:

  • As you update the build containers, give a unique version to each new image.
  • Allow me to specify in the circle.yml file which version I want to build with, eg. ‘Trusty 2016.3’
  • Offer a generic version like ‘Trusty’ meaning ‘the youngest image in the Trusty line’.

Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201606-01
Ubuntu 14.04 Build Image Update 201610-01 Released

We have been doing this with some success for a while. We have a build container that we run inside circle that does all of the standardization for us. While we cannot guarantee the docker version, that has not mattered much at all. It would be nice not to have to do that, but it is the most flexible solution we could come up with as it gives us total control over build container contents.


This feature is very important to us. Our builds just started failing again today with the latest update due to the changes to how redis is started and runs, and this isn’t the first (or second, or third) time this has happened to us.

All our deploys and PRs first have to pass CI, so when circle forces an update that breaks something for us, we have to stop everything and fix circle.