`fatal: No such section!` in Start Container output


Hi there,

Recent builds that I have run contain the following line as the last line of the Start Container action:

Starting node
Enabling sudo
Applying container tweaks
  $ rm -f /etc/apt/sources.list.d/{google.list,google-chrome.list,typesafe-apt.list}; if [ -e /home/ubuntu/.config ]; then chown -R ubuntu /home/ubuntu/.config; fi; echo ' registry.npmjs.com' >> /etc/hosts; echo ' registry.npmjs.org' >> /etc/hosts
Adding per build SSH keypair
Add containers to ~/.ssh/config as node0
Setting build environment variables

(my variables removed)

fatal: No such section!

Any ideas what’s wrong?



Thanks for reporting this.

The error doesn’t affect your builds and is a little over dramatic! It will be removed in a future release.


Would it be possible to have a better error message to help us cleanup the variables instead?


It has been over a year. When will these be removed?