Fatal: fetch-pack: unable to fork off sideband demultiplexer

Seeing an error checking out code in circleci across multiple jobs.

Cloning git repository
Cloning into '.'...
error: cannot create async thread: Operation not permitted
fatal: fetch-pack: unable to fork off sideband demultiplexer

From a bit of looking around it seems like this can be due to running out of resources. There is a very similar open issue posted in argocd, where they currently tracked down it to open a bug in ubuntu.

Looks like the issue is related to the aforementioned bug with ubuntu 22.04.
circle images for go 1.18 should pin to cimg/go1.18.6 and go 1.19 to cimg/go1.19.1. These have a lower ubuntu version.

A better solution is updating the remote docker version for building since it resolved the issue with any circle cimg/go. Remote docker version needed to be after 20.10.10 (in setup_remote_docker), with the preferred route to leave it unspecified I suppose. Since then it will be latest and least likely to have another issue crop up in the future if you forget to update the remote docker version when the go image is updated.

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