Failure to recognize v2 build format on first commits on new branch


We have our repo on bitbucket and we’ve set up Circle CI to only run builds that have active pull requests. On the first build per pull request, the build fails since Circle fails to recognize that it should run on Circle 2.

Sample build here:

Rebuilding does not work. The workaround has been to issue a new commit (possibly amending the last one).


I reported this to our engineers. Thank you!


This has now been resolved!


Hm. Doesn’t look like it. Still fails to recognize as v2:


Interesting! Thank you. I will reopen the bug ticket.


@jvliwanag Do you have a .circleci/config.yml file? It could be taking precedent over circle.yml.


No we don’t. We only have circle.yml


Thank you. We took a deep look at this and it’s an interesting issue you’re hitting. We opened a technical bug report on it; hopefully it’ll be resolved soon.


I’m having a similar problem but I am using .circleci/circleci.yml and no circle.yml

Its running it as a v1 run as far as i can tell.


Looks like your config is invalid.


Finally got things working. One thing was realizing its .circleci/config.yml and not .circleci/circle.yml!


I’m afraid this isn’t solved yet for us. Looks like if repo is set up to only build if there’s a pull request open, then the first build upon opening that pull request is always recognized as circle 1.0. If we turn off building only on pull requests, then this sidesteps the issue.


Can you link me to your builds so our engineers can further investigate?