Fail parallel builds as soon as one of the threads fail


We run tests in parallel, but some tests are way more likely to fail. They are kind of single-threaded, so I’d love to run them first on one of the parallel nodes and if that test fails fail the whole test suite. I’d be fine having access to REST api with build number in the ENV, so I’d manually mark the whole build as failed.



I wrote a script with a possible solution to this some time ago, you can find it right here. I definitely understand that this is not as easy as just calling a single API endpoint, but that would work for you right away if you decide to use it. Could that work for you?


That’s kinda hacky, but I think it’ll totally work for me. I didn’t realize I could ssh to other nodes in a build.


That’s right—you can SSH between the containers in the parallel run, as described here. Glad that the solution works for you!