Export a log or CSV of builds and their status


The main view in Circle is very useful to monitor builds, however, there’s no way to easily traverse the entire list in the current CI. Additionally, we’d like to maintain a list of our build history for compliance reasons. The only current way to do this is a scripted API call to get around the 100 entry limit. Why not just have a simple export button that allows us to download a CSV? This would be great! :smile:

Create a command line tool to interact with CircleCI REST API

Thank you for your suggestion. Right now the only option to do this would be the one you mention—using the API calls. You will need to make multiple API calls due to the limit of the number of builds in the response.


+1 and on the export to CSV, it would be nice to be able to do that from an API call as well and not just the UI. One API call to get CSV for full list of build history.


If you are looking for just the build results for the current build this might be a nifty little project.

Can you provide an example what you would want the CSV from the export to look like?


Thanks fro the responses. In our case, we really only need basic information on a build, similar to the current main view. For example: Build, Revision, Branch, Author, Log, Started (timestamp), Length, Status, and then maybe the PR (from github). Seems straightforward enough, right? :smile: