Explicitly watch/unwatch branches


Currently a user as a list of “my branches” which are the branches she’s pushed to. You can view the status of these branches as opposed to all branches and get notifications when their build status changes (fail/fixed).

I propose two related small enhancements:

  1. Ability to unwatch a branch.
  2. Ability to start watching a branch without needing to push to it.

Number 1 is useful when you’ve collaborated on a branch with someone and then move on and don’t want to keep watching that branch. Also when the work on the branch is done, but the branch isn’t deleted.

Number 2 is useful when you want to track work of someone else, without actually contributing to the branch. Also, we’ve set up a “nightly build” scheme where pushes to a certain repo/branch triggers a fuller/longer suite of tests. These are triggered by a cron command, but the whole team wants to watch their status. Unfortunately, now each team member needs to push some bogus commit once, just in order to watch the branch.