Expand [ci skip]


It would be very handy to expand ci skip so we can skip some of the steps of our circle file. For example, we use circle to deploy to some of our dev servers (when we need to share the result of dev work with others) in this case we don’t care too much if test pass but it would be good to build the deploy package using circle still. Commit messages giving details for parts to skip would be amazing.

[ci skip test]
[ci skip test | deployment]
[ci skip test:1,3,4,6 | deployment: 4,5,6,7]

where the latter skips just the given line numbers of that section and the former will skip the test and test and deployment sections respectively.

One great use case of this is our database import which can take upto 3 minutes to complete being able to commit

[ci skip test | dependencies:post:16,17,18,19] 

would take our package building from 5 minutes to more like 1 massively speeding up our dev time.



+1 I’d like to see this as well.


+1 for the first 2 lines in alancole’s request


+1 for the first 2 lines (skip all tests and/or skip deployment)


Hey everyone, thanks for your support for this feature. Please be sure to click on the heart rather than +1 to show your “official” support for this feature request.


Couldn’t you add your own tags and parse the commit message to influence what your commands do?


In our case, we have a library that is version bumped and deployed when the master branch is built. So there are times we’d like to skip the deployment for non-programatic changes. Ex: updating the README.


I hearted this. But just wanted to emphasize:

+1 for the first 2 lines (skip all tests and/or skip deployment)



+1 for just the ability to skip the “test” phase or the “deployment” phase.


This would be an incredibly useful feature. Skipping deploys at times when you’re just trying to ensure tests run properly are an excellent use case