Error uploading test results to S3 (Circle 2.0)




Thanks for a wonderful product, guys!

I have a minor issue with my build. It’s green, but seems like the store_test_results step fails. This is the log for the step:

Archiving the following test results to s3://circle-production-customer-artifacts/picard/XXXX-0-build/raw-test-results

  • /tmp/test-results

Failed uploading test results directory
Error &awserr.baseError{code:“RequestError”, message:“send request failed”, errs:[]error{(*url.Error)(0xc420161800)}}

The “Artifacts” tab is empty after the build.

The test directory /tmp/test-results is created in a previous step. I also verified that the directory exists and contains the appropriate file (junit/test_results.xml) by running the test step locally.

Relevant excerpt from circle.yml:

version: 2
- image: node:7-alpine
- MOCHA_FILE: /tmp/test-results/junit/test-results.xml
working_directory: /app
- checkout
- run: npm i
- run: npm run build
- run: npm test – --reporter mocha-junit-reporter
- store_test_results:
path: /tmp/test-results



Is your XML file empty?


I added a step to print the test file to circle.yml, just to be sure:

cat /tmp/test-results/junit/test-results.xml
Shell: /bin/sh -eo pipefail

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> ...snipped...


Do you have ca-certificates and openssl installed? Maybe you’re having an issue negotiating the SSL handshake.


Working! Added a step to run

apk add --update ca-certificates openssl && update-ca-certificates

Still no artifacts though. Not sure if this is intentional.



Artifacts must be uploaded with store_artifacts


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