Error running circleci snap: invalid bind mount spec

Following the instructions here:

and then trying to validate a simple v2 config file:

cd $HOME
circleci config validate -c gostuff/src/

I get:

docker: Error response from daemon: invalid bind mount spec "/:/": invalid volume specification: '/:/': invalid mount config for type "bind": invalid specification: destination can't be '/'.
See 'docker run --help'.

$ lsb_release -r -s

$ snap list
Name           Version           Rev   Tracking  Developer   Notes
circleci       0.0.4705-deba4df  1     stable    circleci    -
core           16-2.32.3         4407  stable    canonical   core
docker         17.06.2-ce        179   stable    docker-inc  -
planet-jumper  2018.02.05        1     stable    niemeyer    -

Can we see the config file? Do you actually have a volume specification that maps host root to container root? I would certainly expect that to fail.

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