Error fetching image



Following the advice posted here, I am unsure where the /etc/passwd directory is on my machine or how to change my userId to be less than the magic number described. My image is called brantapps/android-build-environment if anyone can help me get past this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance! A bit stuck but feel I’m so close!


So, I have found out my User Id by following the advice here. My number is 833536293 !!! So, just a tad above 65536. Time to talk to the IT department to see what the risk of changing it are.


So, I rebuilt my docker image with a user with User Id 502 and alas, hit the same issue. Can anyone else help?


Don’t use the latest tag to guarantee the image is not cached.


As another note, based on the name of the image, we haven’t gotten Android working in Docker. We’ve been focused on getting it running on the machine.


Thank you @rohara. I’ve just got our builds running in EC2 and as part of the tournament of Cloud CI for Android at Just Eat I signed up for the 2.0 beta to see if what we had worked out of the box. Admittedly, I am not very well versed in such matters but if our builds run on EC2 (backed by ECR), locally (via docker-compose) what would be the primary difference to get them working on CircleCI 2.0 (back by Docker Hub)?

Just pushed a 1.0.0 tag but alas I don’t think this’ll fix it. Could you write/link me why 2.0 can’t support building Android with Docker just yet?

Thank you for your time.


Android and Docker don’t play well. Neither are intended for that purpose. So instead, I envision us having an android executor, but we’re definitely not there yet.

Right now Android is unsupported.

Example Android configuration

In addition to pushing a new tag, you have to specify that your CircleCI build uses 1.0.0. Did you do this as well?