Error Explanation


Kindly i need your support as i’m a new user to Circleci, i forked a project from github and deployed it by circleci but gave me in the test results the below comment in 2 different projects, is it normal and if not what should i do?

With some of our inferred build commands we collect test metadata automatically, but that didn’t happen for this project. Collecting metadata allows us to list the specific failures, and in some cases makes parallel builds more efficient. Here’s how to get it:
For an inferred ruby test command, simply add the necessary formatter gem
Python should work automatically, except for django you’ll need to use django-nose.
For another inferred test runner that you’d like us to add metadata support for, let us know.
For a custom test command, configure your test runner to write a JUnit XML report to a directory in $CIRCLE_TEST_REPORTS - see the docs for more information.

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Its not an error, CircleCi is just advising that it could have displayed extra data about the tests.

This link explains some ways to do that, and if you have a public build url or github link we can take a look if you still need help :smile: