Error: container ... is not defined



I have been circle CI for continuous integration and docker v 1.9.1, lxc v 1.0.10
automatic build was working fine till 23 July 2017 but start failing after that.

I am getting following error on running below command

sudo lxc-attach -n “$(docker inspect --format “{{.Id}}” mysql_5_6)” – bash 'echo ss’
Error: container 16ab3256a4c5ed30138ae98e0c461578c6dfbf9e7e48851fed3c67b94cfbfd76 is not defined

Seems like lxc-attach command is failing to execute.
Could you please tell me any work around


Below command worked for me

CID="(docker inspect --format "{{.Id}}" mysql_5_6)" sudo lxc-attach -n {CID} -f /var/lib/docker/containers/${CID}/config.lxc – bash -c ‘echo myContainer’

could anybody help me to understand what exactly has changed recently


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