Environment variable interpolation throughout .circleci/config.yml



I know this has come up in various other discussion topics and some comments referred to supporting more variable interpolation is “on the roadmap” … I justed wanted to make sure this was captured as a feature request.

In my case, I’m particularly interested in being able to pass environment variables along when there are multiple docker images being used as part of a build, here is a simplified example:

version: 2
      - image: circleci/golang:1.9
      - image: hashicorp/http-echo
        command: [-text, $TEST_MESSAGE]
      - run: curl -v http://localhost:5678/

In the above example, it would be great if TEST_MESSAGE could come from the project environment settings since right now it just outputs $TEST_MESSAGE verbatim.

Using Environment Variables in config.yml not working

I second that. Especially as this seemed to have worked with Circle CI 1.0, lots of snippets one finds online uses $VARIABLE in config.yml and the description of environment variables is not very clear and explicit that this is not supported in 2.0.