Elixir: caching compiled binaries


Thanks for this guide! It was very helpful. Do you have any ideas how we could use “cache-save” and “cache-restore” to save the compiled binaries between builds? My main concern is that our application’s binaries are in there as well, in development they get rebuilt nicely but I’m not sure how it would work in testing.

Getting Started: Elixir

I moved this to our support section, since we’re locking down general user posting in the non-support CircleCI 2.0 category to keep it focused on documentation and announcements.

Getting to your question, can you share some more about how you rebuild in development or when you test locally? It sounds like you’re getting some kind of incremental build, is that right?


Okay, the problem is that I was only caching the _build directory where I needed to cache both _build and deps.