ECR integration on circle ci 2.0


Hello circle ci team,

I’m using circle ci 2.0 and it works very well! Thank you!

On circle ci 1.0, I used aws cli to push images to ECR.
How about circle ci 2.0?
Must we publish and use image contains aws cli for deployment?

(I wrote ruby-awscli image for our deployment on circle ci 2.0


That is correct. You just need Python installed on the system to pip install aws. To use the credentials, you currently need to store them as env vars in the UI.


Thank you for your reply!

Does circle ci 2.0 have any plan to integrate with ECR?
I’m very happy if we could login and push to ECR with special step or UI.


Not ECR specifically. We intend to have support for all registries instead of just a few. You can already use an image from a different registry by including the domain, but private images are still unsupported as base images due to security.


Launched: Using Private image from ECR