Easily get artifact URL


CircleCI provides a great service in securely uploading artifacts of a build. It should then be easy to derive the URL of a particular artifact without using the API. Until recently, this was reasonably doable for github pull requests: artifacts of pull-requests to a project would have the URL form https://{BUILD_ID}-{REPO_ID}-gh.circle-artifacts.com/0/home/ubuntu/.... Here, REPO_ID was a constant ID for a particular project, and BUILD_ID could be found in the URL used to provide status feedback in Github. However, over the last day or so, Circle builds for pull requests now have the REPO_ID corresponding to the fork offering the the patch, rather than the base repository receiving the patch. So now it is much more difficult to construct the artifact URL without either the API or multiple clicks in the web interface.

Could Circle please provide, for example, a simple URL forwarder to an artifact given a Github username, repository name, PR number and relative path? That is, http://artifacts.circleci.com/{username}/{repo}/PR{pr}/{path} could provide a redirect.