Dynamic 2.0 Configuration


We’re looking into 2.0 at the Financial Times.

Currently in 1.0 we define all our jobs using the API, making changes and hotfixes to the hundreds of builds we have really easy.

We store our handful of build configurations in one place (e.g. app, serverless, and component builds), and if we edit them the change is pushed to the configuration of all the various CircleCI projects we maintain.

This has helped ease the pain of maintaining this many projects.

It looks like 2.0 is entirely configured using a file committed to each repository.

We would love to see a means to include the configuration from a remote source, rather than the projects repository.

Say as a download after cloning the repository. Better yet a full API to define a 2.0 build without a configuration file.

Otherwise we’ll have to adjust our tooling to manage quite a few files in GitHub, not impossible but a heavy change for us.


Hello @sjparkinson,

While I am not immediately aware of any ‘official’ way to accomplish this, you may find the following post interesting.


Humm, something like that could work.

But as it mentions, workflows are not supported and we’d have to build the webhook functionality ourselves too.


Don’t mean to bump, but interested to know if this or similar will get included on the product road map?

There’s already some functionality to manage configuration across an organisation with contexts, so we’re curious to know if there’s either a move towards extending that, or to include APIs to manage 2.0 builds.