Don't run builds for specific fork/branches


Is there a way to not run builds for specific fork/branch combinations? We have a pretty standard setup of everyone having their own forks of our main repo and we really don’t want to build on branches like forked_repo/master or forked_repo/staging but we do want to build on main_repo/master and main_repo/staging.


You can whitelist and blacklist branches like this:


I understanding the white/blacklisting of branches. But I also want the ability to white/blacklist forkname/branch combinations. For instance I only want to build master if it’s the root repo, not on any other fork. This seems like a very useful feature and this lack of fine grain control is something my company is taking into account when evaluating CIs.


Soooo @CircleCI-Employees, does this exist in any way? Will it be implemented?

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