Does not take `.circleci/config.yaml` file for node project



I am trying to build and test nodejs project. Once I setup the project, it takes its own config template for building seems. I want to force my .circleci/config.yaml to build my project

Any help please


I think your file needs to be config.yml, not config.yaml.


Hi Halfer,

Thanks for your reply. Its working fine now after changing file extension from .yaml to .yml. And out of curiosity, both .yaml and .yml is for yaml, why circleci is not detecting the first one? any specific reason for it??


I don’t imagine there is a particular reason for it, other than that’s how it works. You could make a feature request to get them to detect either, but I can’t imagine it would be regarded as particularly important - I expect they have an enormous feature backlog as it is :smile:


Thanks for the reply. When a YAML language supports two type of extension officially and suggests .yaml extension refer: CircleCI should consider this as important to support both file extension though they have tons of features :slight_smile:


Hey quick question,

Where did you learn about the CircleCI config file name from? Docs? A blog post? I’m curious on where we can clarify that the filename should end in .yml and not .yaml. Knowing the path you took to get here will help us.

Thank you.


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