Documentation claims caching is both mutable and immutable



The documentation claims that cache keys can be updated:

Writing to the Cache

Cache is written in chronological order. Consider a workflow of Job1 -> Job2 -> Job3. If Job1 and Job3 write to the same cache key, a rerun of Job2 may use the changes written by Job3 because Job2 ran last. That is, any job that runs inside a project will always use the latest write. For example, when you increment versions of a Gem package, the ~/.gem contains both the old and new versions and the cache is made more useful by the addition of data.

However, caching is immutable. I have tried to run jobs with new definitions for the cache, namely adding more folders to cache, for a given key, but it seems that CCI does not ever update the cache.

Is there clarification for what behavior to expect? Which part of the documentation is accurate? What is the behavior that is intended here?


I opened an Issue in Docs for you regarding this.


Does that mean the docs are in error? Or is CircleCI 2.0’s behavior in error?


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