Docker vs machine: best of both worlds with docker-compose?



Now we have the choice between:

  • docker builder, with remote docker and all the pain with volumes, network…
  • machine execution, slow and maybe costly in the future

What about trying a third option: bootstrap the build “inside” a docker-compose:

  • it means we first need to checkout the code
  • then we bootstrap the job again based on a docker-compose found in the repository
  • this new “build” container shares network/volumes with other services found in docker-compose.
  • all further steps are run inside the “build” container

That would be my ideal workflow.

(copy/paste of Multi-container application stack testing with docker or docker-compose on CircleCI for more visibility / discussion)


Very interesting idea and doesn’t sound like too much of an investment to me while it gives a lot of freedom to people running their CI on the platform.


I’m moving this to “Feature Request”. Thank you for sharing, I like the idea.