Docker pull error in CircleCI 2.0



I was having trouble pulling the atlassianlabs/localstack image within CircleCI 1.0 (it said it couldn’t find the image on so I upgraded to 2.0.

On CircleCI 2.0 it is able to pull the image but then it errors like this:

failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): Container ID 24624336 cannot be mapped to a host ID

Build-agent version 0.0.3462-5a15665 (2017-07-04T02:22:51+0000)
Starting container circleci/node:7.10.0
  using image circleci/node@sha256:c1a1377720617d1fc549c0ebba0c72f31d16685ef877e57f1e3027aa8768e471
Starting container atlassianlabs/localstack:0.3.8
  image cache not found on this host, downloading atlassianlabs/localstack:0.3.8
0.3.8: Pulling from atlassianlabs/localstack
627beaf3eaaf: Already exists
1de20f2d8b83: Pulling fs layer
3e00029ebfe3: Pulling fs layer
25c4d56785f5: Pulling fs layer
acd66eeabe19: Pulling fs layer
4385888ddcee: Pulling fs layer
3198c0a22214: Pulling fs layer
6b8c41363339: Pulling fs layer
353f086b1482: Pulling fs layer
a84ec12c4308: Pulling fs layer
7e6bf77c9d2b: Pulling fs layer
4385888ddcee: Waiting
acd66eeabe19: Waiting
353f086b1482: Waiting
3198c0a22214: Waiting
6b8c41363339: Waiting
3935d869d0df: Pulling fs layer
b2b9a5d1e689: Pulling fs layer
7e6bf77c9d2b: Waiting
3935d869d0df: Waiting
b5b89b3e8b47: Pulling fs layer
506c13ad51c2: Pulling fs layer
b2b9a5d1e689: Waiting
b5b89b3e8b47: Waiting
468a27366e65: Pulling fs layer
506c13ad51c2: Waiting
817446aeb760: Pulling fs layer
c351095f883a: Pulling fs layer
b0131f4c3206: Pulling fs layer
817446aeb760: Waiting
468a27366e65: Waiting
c7815643a2c5: Pulling fs layer
3da0985c501b: Pulling fs layer
b0131f4c3206: Waiting
38a1cf87af53: Pulling fs layer
918655bc9123: Pulling fs layer
96b150393b5d: Pulling fs layer
2af099d9f17a: Pulling fs layer
caf753e0708a: Pulling fs layer
3da0985c501b: Waiting
dadd3f474837: Pulling fs layer
96b150393b5d: Waiting
918655bc9123: Waiting
caf753e0708a: Waiting
2af099d9f17a: Waiting
3f703327cc25: Pulling fs layer
dadd3f474837: Waiting
1de20f2d8b83: Download complete
25c4d56785f5: Verifying Checksum
25c4d56785f5: Download complete
1de20f2d8b83: Pull complete
acd66eeabe19: Verifying Checksum
acd66eeabe19: Download complete
3198c0a22214: Verifying Checksum
3198c0a22214: Download complete
4385888ddcee: Verifying Checksum
4385888ddcee: Download complete
353f086b1482: Verifying Checksum
353f086b1482: Download complete
a84ec12c4308: Verifying Checksum
a84ec12c4308: Download complete
3e00029ebfe3: Verifying Checksum
3e00029ebfe3: Download complete
3935d869d0df: Verifying Checksum
3935d869d0df: Download complete
b2b9a5d1e689: Verifying Checksum
b2b9a5d1e689: Download complete
7e6bf77c9d2b: Verifying Checksum
7e6bf77c9d2b: Download complete
6b8c41363339: Verifying Checksum
6b8c41363339: Download complete
468a27366e65: Verifying Checksum
468a27366e65: Download complete
506c13ad51c2: Verifying Checksum
506c13ad51c2: Download complete
817446aeb760: Verifying Checksum
817446aeb760: Download complete
c351095f883a: Download complete
c7815643a2c5: Verifying Checksum
c7815643a2c5: Download complete
3da0985c501b: Verifying Checksum
3da0985c501b: Download complete
3e00029ebfe3: Pull complete
b0131f4c3206: Verifying Checksum
b0131f4c3206: Download complete
38a1cf87af53: Verifying Checksum
38a1cf87af53: Download complete
918655bc9123: Verifying Checksum
918655bc9123: Download complete
96b150393b5d: Verifying Checksum
96b150393b5d: Download complete
2af099d9f17a: Verifying Checksum
2af099d9f17a: Download complete
25c4d56785f5: Pull complete
caf753e0708a: Verifying Checksum
caf753e0708a: Download complete
dadd3f474837: Download complete
3f703327cc25: Verifying Checksum
3f703327cc25: Download complete
acd66eeabe19: Pull complete
b5b89b3e8b47: Verifying Checksum
b5b89b3e8b47: Download complete
4385888ddcee: Pull complete
3198c0a22214: Pull complete
6b8c41363339: Pull complete
353f086b1482: Pull complete
a84ec12c4308: Pull complete
7e6bf77c9d2b: Pull complete
3935d869d0df: Pull complete
b2b9a5d1e689: Pull complete
b5b89b3e8b47: Pull complete
506c13ad51c2: Pull complete
468a27366e65: Pull complete
817446aeb760: Pull complete
c351095f883a: Pull complete
b0131f4c3206: Pull complete
c7815643a2c5: Pull complete
3da0985c501b: Pull complete
38a1cf87af53: Pull complete
918655bc9123: Pull complete
96b150393b5d: Pull complete
2af099d9f17a: Pull complete
caf753e0708a: Pull complete
dadd3f474837: Pull complete
failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): Container ID 24624336 cannot be mapped to a host ID


I’m having the same issue with bitriseio/docker-android. Everything was working a week ago but now it hits: failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): Container ID 3221694270 cannot be mapped to a host ID


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