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I use CircleCI to test my product then build docker packages, docker tag, docker login and docker push them.
I am trying to reproduce what I did with CC1.0 :

  • Create my docker package locally
  • Add my domain to /etc/hosts as
  • Set up a SSH tunnel binding local port 5000 to my remote server 5000 port
  • Docker Login on (real login is done through SSH tunnel)
  • Docker push my local docker to ( which in fact push to the remote server

It seems a bit complex but it is a simple solution for private docker registries

With CCI2.0 I understand that I have to use the setup_remote_docker step. But I am struggling for hours on this, trying to have my ssh tunnel (created in the deploy command) used by the docker engine. But the engine keeps failing docker login with dial tcp AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD:5000: i/o timeout. The docker engine does not take into account my /etc/hosts (nor my ssh tunnel I think).

With CCI2.0, is there a way to have my ssh tunnel and my local /etc/hosts configuration used by docker engine ?

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At the top of you’ll see:

For security reasons, the Docker Executor doesn’t allow building Docker images within a job space.

To help users build, run, and publish new images, we’ve introduced a special feature which creates a separate environment for each build. This environment is remote, fully-isolated and has been configured to execute Docker commands.

I’m thinking this is why this isn’t working for you. Using setup_remote_docker sets up a remote Docker instance to run, which isn’t in your current environment, thus not reading /etc/hosts.

My first instinct would be to try this using the machine executor instead of docker. That would run Docker locally, within the build VM, meaning you’d have a much better chance of this working.


You’d need to use the machine executor, not the base docker executor. Since it is a remote environment, your SSH tunnel and /etc/hosts aren’t reachable.


hello karim, did you ever find a resolution to this i am running into the same issue.


I moved back to cci 1.0 for this repository. I will try machine executor when i have more time


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