Docker Image Validation of Circle config highly unstable



I’ve downloaded Docker for Mac (am using High Sierra) and installed the CLI but validating the config.yml file is frustratingly all over the place. This is my config (it’s just a portion of what I have but it works with just the build job but not once I have the test job or multiple run commands under the build job:

version: 2

    machine: true
      - checkout
      - run:
        name: 'Install NVM'
        command: 'nvm install 8.9.4 && nvm use 8.9.4 && nvm alias default 8.9.4'
      - checkout
      - run:
        name: Run nosetests
        command: $VIRTUAL_ENV/bin/nosetests --with-coverage tests

Just running “circleci config validate -c .circleci/config.yml” 3 times produced different output (see attached file)

. To clarify, running the validate command on the SAME code, produced 3 entirely different outputs on successive runs.

I guess I want to know why it’s saying I can’t have multiple run commands but more than that, I’d like to know if the tool is just flaky or I’m somehow using it wrong.

Cheers and thanks,



I don’t use the console tool, but the name and command keys look like they need two more space indents.


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