Docker Exited with code 137



I’m using - image: peopleperhour/dynamodb for a docker image in my config file.

In CircleCI it’s outputting the following.

Initializing DynamoDB Local with the following configuration:
Port:	8000
InMemory:	false
DbPath:	/var/dynamodb_local
SharedDb:	false
shouldDelayTransientStatuses:	false
CorsParams:	*

Exited with code 137

The first tests pass fine and Exited with code 137 doesn’t happen until later on. But once that error happens all the tests start failing.

I saw this link and changed my code to the following with no luck.

  - image: peopleperhour/dynamodb
        MAX_HEAP_SIZE: 2048m
        HEAP_NEWSIZE: 512m

Any ideas on how to fix this?


I’d try further reducing the memory restrictions and maybe allocate more RAM to the container.


I’m still pretty new to CircleCI. Mind providing example code of how to achieve this?


You should modify the env vars, like MAX_HEAP_SIZE, to use less memory.

And you’ll need to be whitelisted to acquire additional resources for your containers. You can reach out to for that


Ok so what should I reduce it to? That code I only added due to that link I found on this forum? So I thought added it would help.


You have 4GB of RAM in a container by default. You’re allocating 2GB to the max heap size. The value required will vary between apps, but reducing that number is a good start.


I just tried both 1024 and 512, both didn’t work at all. Could this maybe be a problem with my CircleCI plan? I currently only have the most basic macOS plan and no Linux upgrades (this is running on Linux). Super confusing why this is happening.


Maybe running it locally will help you debug why it’s failing:

You can also install DynamoDB directly into your base container instead of using a separate image.


Any guide on how to install directly into the base container?



Ok just tried to do that. Now the database is failing after like 2 minutes or so and it says Received 'killed' signalReceived 'killed' signal.


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