Do not show landing page when user is signed in



It’s extremely annoying when you open and instead of dashboard you are greeted with a landing page and need to click a button that takes you to dashboard.

Would be super nice if it just took me directly to dashboard and saved me precious seconds otherwise wasted hunting for that “Go to app” button.

Posting here because whining on twitter is apparently not enough :slight_smile:


Perhaps just go straight to the Dashboard URL. =)

I have it bookmarked right in Chrome. There’s also a ton of Chrome extension that have been made by community members that do even cooler things like open CircleCI directly from a GitHub page.


We do have github integration set up as well, but having a bookmark is, IMO, a somewhat backwards solution for a very simple problem.
I, as an already paying user, have very little interest in landing page, but would really like to just use first suggestion in address bar to get me to what really matters — CI dashboard.
This holds true for mobile uses as well. Quite often one just needs to check whether a build is ready from a phone, and searching for bookmarks or additional links to click is just one more hoop you’d have to jump over to get to relevant information.